"If you can dream it, you can become it"

Monday, December 6, 2010

Great Words and Quotes

"So I'm just saying I'm only human, life gets you down sometimes." –Hannah Montana #disneywords

"If you've got something to say about me; say it to my face, not behind my back." -The Player (1992)

Beast: “I can’t.” Belle: “You mean, you never learned?” –Beauty and the Beast #disneywords

"I'm gonna make it right, that is the way to turn my life around. Today is the day." –Troy Bolton (High School Musical) #disneywords

"Nobody's gonna bring me down. It's my life and I'm doing fine." (Ashlee Simpson - Dancing Alone)

"Okay, heart, I'm listening, let's hear the answer." –Miley Stewart (Hannah Montana) #disneywords

"Are you kidding me? What kind of woman doesn't want a little bit of magic in her life?" –Wizard of Waverly Place #disneywords

"What I like, and what I need, are two different things." -The Wild Bunch (1969)

"They say if you dream a thing more than once, it's sure to come true." –Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty) #disneywords

If someone would ask me who I want to be with? I would simply say, "someone who can understand that I'm not perfect". -Mira Gasani (taken from her twitter @miragasani)

"Somehow I know it I'm not gonna give up, never gonna give up." –Hannah Montana #disneywords

"He's no Prince Charming, but there's something in him that I simply didn't see." –Belle (Beauty and the Beast) #disneywords

"we don't always get what we want - sometimes, we get something better :))" -Mira Gasani (taken from her twitter @miragasani)

"I want things go back to the way they used to be." -Big Daddy (1999)

"I’m not gonna stop, that's who I am. I give it all I got, that is my plan." –Troy Bolton (High School Musical) #disneywords

"I keep wishing it could be that way because my world would be a wonderland". -Alice in Wonderland #disneywords

"Good day gives us joy. Bad day helps us to be stronger and wiser. Whatever might happen today, I will face it " -Clarissa Xenia (taken from her twitter @rissaxenia)

"Don't worry, mother. I'll find something useful to do with my life". –Alice (Alice In Wonderland) #disneywords

"I can't hide who I am. I can't say things I don't mean, say that I like things I hate, or hate things I like."- SHINee Key

"If I have a girlfriend, I want my girlfriend to play the piano while I sing." -SHINee Jonghyun

"I must work hard in the future so that I can live in a house built at a place where I can see the sea!" - SHINee Onew

"I can open anything." - SHINee Key

"One day when you're big and strong, you'll be the king!" -Zira (The Lion King 2) #disneywords

"So hold me when I'm here, right me when I'm wrong, hold me when I'm scared, and love me when I'm gone." -Tumblr

"There's nothing in the world quite like a friend!" –Genie (Aladdin) #disneywords

"the spaces between your fingers are there for someone to fill them" -happy tree friends-

"the spaces between your fingers are there for someone to fill them" -happy tree friends-

to be continue..

"find your own way and make it right for light up ur life"


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