"If you can dream it, you can become it"

Monday, November 22, 2010

me KV~

i'm not the perfect one. i'm not strong enough. i'm just an ordinary girl who have so much dream to chase. i have so many friends besides me. i have a diary for write something what i wanna write. i have many idol in my life. they're my inspiration. i have to much to do. i love singing in any condition. i love fashion. i'd pick my own way as the basic of my style. i love playin the piano when i feel sad, happy, or angry. i love to play "I Know Him so Well" by Whitney Houston if i feelin sad. i'm not playin piano well, but i can feel somethin if i play it. it's really help my mood better. i love hanging out with friends. i love english, biology, and art. Love swimming so much (but i'm not the tall girl). i don't like reading. i love eating except papaya. i love humor. i love to laugh. i'm not smart enough. as what i said before that i just an ordinary girl. i love my parents so much. i love BI RAIN and JUSTIN DREW BIEBER as my idol. we have several things in common. actually i love the members of SHINee (korean BB) such as jonghyun and minho. i need time to rest my body. brain, amd feelin. sometimes i need time to be alone without another. My first and my last is ALLAH SWT, the one and only. i love MUHAMMAD SAW. sometimes, i need to complain and pit with my condition. i'm terful, careless, but i'm clever, and nice person, arrogant too. i can't control my emotion. i don't like waitin someone for a longest time.

i must to chase become true. No matter what everyone say about me. HI! Let me introduce myself to all of you around the world i'm KINAN VIARI SUBAKTI PUTRI. I have a lot of to give to the world, i just need my chance to shine. Or you can call me Kinan VSP, Kinan Viari, Kinan. I was born in Bandung,Indonesia on 8 of august 1993. i'm 17 years old now. i'm student in senior high school. i'm goin to University next year (amin). i'm the third of four daughter. i've one brother and two sisters. i'm singer, pianist, violist, host, fashion designer, and i'm a dreamer.

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